Agent Origins – Promo Gear and Short Films

Agent Origins gear sets.

Today Ubisoft launched a promotional campaign ahead of the beta and eventual launch of The Division.  Titled “Agent Origins”, this promotion pushes the narrative and role-playing elements of the title forward, featuring a series of stories about agents, where they come from, and how they came together to work as a team.

Promotional Items

Agent Origins gear sets.

If you’re looking to score some cool cosmetic gear for your agent ahead of The Division, then look no further.  Follow the steps below to get a set of four cosmetic “costumes” for use when the full game launches in March.

  1. Visit the following URL: Agent Origins
  2. Fill in the information required, and enter the code AGENTORIGINS
  3. Voila!  Keep that code handy and use it when the game launches in March.  They’ll send a copy to your email, so feel free to archive it and keep it safe.

Short Films

In addition to the above promotion, Ubisoft partnered with various YouTube content creators to put out a series of four short features detailing the events in NYC, as well as the stories of four Agents living in the city at the time of the epidemic.  You can find the links to these below; in addition, if you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can watch the whole thing edited together rather nicely on Amazon Prime Video.  Just search for “Division Agent Origins” and it should pop up.  Alternatively, use these links:

**Note: I would recommend watching them in the order provided.  The first three you can pretty much watch in any order, but Escape is definitely the finale**