The Division DLC: Looking Ahead at Timed Releases

With the beta for The Division up and running on Xbox One, and continuing tomorrow with PC and PS4 players joining the fight for Manhattan, Ubisoft has released details for DLC – both part of the Season Pass and free updates for all – on their official blog, found here.

We can expect the standard stuff here; incentives for the Season Pass not only include special outfits and other bonuses, but a set of three named DLC packs:

  • “Underground” – Teams of four Agents will take the fight to Manhattan’s underworld, exploring new territory and gaining new rewards.
  • “Survival” – Agents will fight to survive new challenges in a ‘hostile environment’.
  • “Last Stand” – Not much is known about the third and final pack.

We’ll obviously be chomping at the bit for more specific information on these releases, but Ubisoft is being understandably quiet about these right now.

Agents joining the fight with the Season Pass can expect some goodies on the first day, including an exclusive shotgun, player cosmetic items and weapon skins.  Additionally, The Division will receive free content updates throughout the year available to all players, including those without the Season Pass.

Ubisoft will be streaming the beta all weekend, along with many other streamers joining the fray well into the weekend – head on over to the Twitch directory for The Division and check it out.