Intelligence Dispatch: News and Rumors

Open Beta in February?

According to a screenshot from the Xbox Italy Facebook page, Xbox One users (at least) will get an open beta later in the month.  The image shows the 16th to the 21st, and if true would give players a whole week to play the game.


Will this period of open beta extend to other platforms?  Only time will tell, but I’m doubtful.  Given that Xbox One players got the beta a full day before Playstation and PC, it’s not hard to imagine this could be an exclusive open beta.

Beta Extended by 24 Hours

Additionally, we saw Ubisoft extend the beta by 24 hours for everyone, meaning that it concludes on Tuesday, February 2nd at 3AM Pacific/6AM Eastern.  Ubisoft sent out a very large number of codes from the waitlist, and I assume this is to test server stability with a large influx of players incoming.

Ubisoft Is Paying Attention

Recent concerns have surfaced during the beta, both for bugs and glitches as well as outright cheating on the PC platform.  Ubisoft, however, is well aware of the situation and are planning to take measures to not only fix bugs, but maintain a fair playing environment when the game launches in roughly a month.

Some bugs include invisible players, players not taking damage, and a bright red screen following death or near death.  I’ve experienced these myself, so hopefully they’ll be addressed before launch.

Cheating on the PC is apparently very easy and has had a significant impact on that platform.  The cheat is accomplished by manipulating player data, that is stored client-side, rather than server-side.  The values are edited, and then pushed to the server which doesn’t check these values.  Once again, however, Ubisoft is paying attention and will hopefully have things in place to counter these cheats when the game is live.  The best thing any of us can do is record footage, report bugs and cheats, and let Ubisoft sort through the mountain of data they’ll have.  That is, after all, the point of the beta.