The Division’s One Year Plan: DLC and Content Updates

Today we were treated to some pretty good information regarding what we can expect from the first year of Tom Clancy’s The Division.  Ubisoft released a trailer detailing free content updates, as well as DLC updates that are part of the Season Pass.  Let’s take a look at the offerings below:

Free Update #1: Incursions

The first of two free updates, titled “Incursions’, will arrive in April, and Ubisoft had this to say about it:

In April, the first free update will introduce the first incursion, a new challenging end-game activity developed specifically for squad play. Teams will be able to test their skills as they face seemingly unstoppable enemies to gain high-level weapons and equipment. This update will also add one of the community’s most-wanted feature, loot trading; allowing players in the same group to trade loot collected during a co-op game session.

So one of the biggest takeaways here is the introduction of loot trading.  Now, this will be more limited in scope than simply trading items with other players.  Basically, while doing a group activity like missions, players will be able to trade earned loot to one another within a specific time window.  This will allow you to share loot drops with your friends that you can’t use or don’t want.

Free Update #2: Conflict

The second free content update will arrive in May, and is titled “Conflict”.  While information is more sparse on this one, Ubisoft had this to say:

In May, the second free update will add new features to the Dark Zone and add a new incursion in the iconic Columbus Circle.

While we’ll need to wait and see what new features will arrive in the Dark Zone, it sounds like Incursions will be a recurring end-game activity for high level players.

Season Pass Content: 3 Packs

Throughout the rest of the year beginning in June, holders of the Season Pass will receive 3 content packs that will introduce a variety of activities:

Expansion I: Underground

Available in June, this first major expansion lets players explore the uncharted underworld of New York City. Players will chase deadly enemies with up to three other Agents through an endless maze of tunnels and subways.

Expansion II: Survival

Available this summer, this expansion will challenge players to survive as long as possible by gathering essential supplies in a very hostile environment.

Expansion III: Last Stand

Next winter, a new threat rises as players and their squad must prepare to defend against a relentless foe.

It’s great to see a plan laid out for the content in this way, as it gives us an idea of what to expect and at what pace we can expect it.  Obviously delays do happen, and may happen in this case.  All the same, I’m very excited about the direction that their post-launch plans seem to be going.

Of course, those that pick up the Season Pass will have these packs to look forward to, as well as some other bonuses:

  • The Division Expansion I: Underground
  • The Division Expansion II: Survival
  • The Division Expansion III: Last Stand
  • Exclusive Sawed-off Shotgun, a unique sidearm customized for short-range destruction.
  • Full set of exclusive outfits and weapon skins
  • Special monthly benefits including exclusive content drops and special events.

With the launch of the game mere days away, I’m not sure I could be more excited.  I’ll see you all in Manhattan!