Division Launch Guide: Preparing for Activation

Within a very short frame of time (especially compared to how long most of us have waited for this game to launch), SHD Agents across the globe will descend upon Manhattan to restore order and save what remains.  In the lead up over the next day or two, there are some things you can do to be better prepared, and to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your launch experience.

Sites to Visit

There are a number of sites that you can visit for some free loot, a deeper look into the story, and some added preparation for how you’ll approach the challenges that will be coming your way.

“1 Million Likes” Campaign – Free Weapon Skin – Simply follow this link, sign in, and bingo – free weapon skin delivered to your Rewards Vendor by March 15th.

Agent Origins Inspired Gear and Cosmetic Items – Existing pre-orders will probably be receiving this gear along with their pre-order, but just to be safe you should visit this link and make sure you get a code.  It comes with four sets of gear themed after the Agents from “Agent Origins”.  For a look at what you’ll get, visit my previous link here.

Agent Intel – This site gives you a chance to answer some aptitude questions in exchange for some potential loot at launch.  No one really knows what we’ll get yet, but it can’t hurt to complete the available missions.

Skill, Talent and Perk Planner – For those that are curious exactly what skills, perks and talents you’ll be able to combine and what they do, visit the linked calculator.

The Division Sub-Reddit – This is probably the largest online community of Division players, and definitely one of the best sources of information.  Visited frequently by developers from Massive, feedback on this subreddit absolutely has an impact on the game.  Make yourself heard!

Helpful Articles

Here I’ll link a few articles that I’ve posted in the past to get you caught up, and provide more information.  As always, you can use the tabs at the top of the page to visit the general information and FAQ page.

Lastly, be sure to stay tuned to this page for more information at the game’s launch.  I will be streaming and uploading videos as I find the time at the below links, so feel free to stop by and check out my coverage on launch day.

  • Twitch: twitch.tv/dh_voxmortis
  • YouTube: REX_Center