Incursions: Coming April 12th, 2016

Today was an exciting day for Division agents everywhere, as Ubisoft took to Twitch to detail the update coming out on April 12th.  While Incursions are the biggest change to the game, there are several other activities making their way to the game that will definitely change the way you play, and give you more avenues to obtaining the best gear you can get your hands on.  So, let’s dive in:


This activity is designed as the hardest and most unforgiving thing to do, and will absolutely require tight tactics and team play.  The first Incursion will be “Falcon Lost”, and centers around the Last Man Battalion and their control of a water treatment plant.  Following the defeat of Bliss, Captain Perez assumes command of the LMB.

New Tactics

In addition to featuring the most challenging content to date, this Incursion will introduce a few new things:

  • You won’t be able to stay put for long, as the LMB will deploy drones to flush you out of cover.
  • The focus here is on strategy, and less on gear.  Although it’s reasonable to assume a certain gear level will be recommended (150 GS for Hard), skill will be the deciding factor between victory and defeat.
  • Players will need to figure out complementary playstyles and builds.

Matchmaking has been confirmed for Incursions, and there is a minimum recommended score of 150 to get going.  Matchmaking will attempt to match players to your gear score, so that you’re not doing too much carrying.  Finally worth noting is that there are (quite surprisingly) no weekly lockouts on completing Incursions; players will receive a “very good reward” for the first weekly completion, along with “good rewards” for every subsequent completion.

Finally, more Incursions will make their way to our various systems; the first of these is Columbus Circle in the May Update.

Difficulty and Rewards

Incursions have been designed from the ground up to be the most difficult and rewarding activity that The Division can offer.  Once the encounter design was completed, the developers kicked it up a notch beyond what they felt they could do.  Once again, after the Quality Control team had completed it, it was made even more difficult.  For those among the player base that are still struggling through Challenge Mode missions, this may seem frightening, but I’m sure most of what they were discussing were the Challenge Mode Incursions themselves.  I would also speculate that you’re expected to clear Hard Mode several times to acquire gear before setting foot into Challenge Mode.

Completing Incursions will reward players with the best loot in the game, bar none.  This includes new Gear Sets that feature powerful bonuses when using more than one piece.  Players of traditional MMOs will be familiar with this system, where there is commonly a reward for wearing 2, 3, or more pieces of equipment from the same set.

More specifically, equipping four pieces from the same set will grant your Agent access to a new and never before seen Talent, but the developers were very tight lipped on what this could be.  It was mentioned that Gear Sets would be more powerful than the High End pieces we’re currently using, and having each member of your squad focus on a specific role will go a long way toward helping you complete more challenging activities.  The four sets are:

  • Sentry’s Call: A set focused on long range engagement (read: sniping)
  • Striker’s Battle Gear: This is a tank set, focused on getting up close and personal
  • Path of the Nomad: Solo and DZ oriented gear, though not many details were given.
  • Technician’s Authority: Designed for the Support and Tech roles.

Finally, you can get these brand new sets of gear by playing Incursions, crafting via purchased blueprints, rewards from Challenge Mode missions, and traditional Dark Zone gameplay.

Dark Zone: Supply Drops

Also a new featured activity, Supply Drops will happen randomly throughout the DZ at different locations once per hour, and contain very good loot.  Only the first group to engage enemies at the Supply Drop will obtain rewards from it, making them highly competitive and sought after.  Very difficult enemies will guard the supply drop, and once completed you can use the gear right away with no need for extraction.


The developers also revealed that we’ll be receiving Daily and Weekly assignments to complete in exchange for Division Tech and Phoenix Credits, though other rewards may become available as well.  Not much was revealed about the assignments, though the example of “kill 10 Cleaners” was given.

Trading and Dead Cam

The last two items we were made aware of have to do with Player trading and Dead Cam:

  • Any item can be dropped for the group that helped you obtain it; i.e. if you grouped up to complete challenge missions and receive a drop from the boss that you don’t want or need, you may drop the item and it will be lootable by anyone in your group.  The exception is the Dark Zone, where you must go to a checkpoint to drop the item for your teammates.  The time window currently stands at 2 hours from the time it dropped.
  • This is probably the best quality of life feature that was introduced: when you die, you are able to spectate your teammates until you are revived.  This is a staple of multiplayer games, and honestly I’m the most excited by this change.

That covers everything that we were given today in the reveal stream, and we definitely have a plethora of things to look forward to.  What are you most excited about?