Update 1.1: Incursions Trailer

Today we were treated to a brand new trailer from Ubisoft and Massive for Update 1.1, which drops tomorrow (April 12th).  I’ll link directly to the trailer below, as well as discuss the changes below.

Gear Sets and New High Ends


One of the things that the majority of players are the most excited about are the new gear sets.  Each set is meant to augment and improve an existing style of play:


  • Striker’s Battle Gear: Focusing on dealing damage and living to tell about it, this gear will help you destroy your enemies.
    • 2 Piece Bonus: +%20 Enemy Armor Damage
    • 4 Piece Bonus: +%100 Critical Hit Damage
    • 4 Piece Talent – Shooter: Every consecutive hit increases damage by %1, stacking up to a total of %100.  Missing a shot reduces the bonus by %2, and the bonus naturally decays by %1 per second.


  • Path of the Nomad: For those that prefer to face their challenges alone, this set is focused on solo play.
    • 2 Piece Bonus: +%50 Scavenging
    • 4 Piece Bonus: +%20 Health on Kill
    • 4 Piece Talent – Nomad: When receiving fatal damage, you are instead healed to full health.  This can only happen once every 10 minutes.


  • Tactician’s Authority: Built around the use of abilities to bolster your allies and weaken your enemies, this set is all about supporting the team.
    • 2 Piece Bonus: +4,000 Skill Power
    • 4 Piece Bonus: +%20 Skill Haste
    • 4 Piece Talent – Tactician’s Authority: Every 60k damage your group deals increases your skill power by %1, up to a maximum bonus of %100.  Bonus drops by %1 every second that your group isn’t dealing damage.


  • Sentry’s Call: This set is for those that live for that one perfect shot.  Your definition of support means taking enemies out from a distance, and doing so efficiently.
    • 2 Piece Bonus: +%30 Headshot Damage
    • 4 Piece Bonus: +%20 Damage to Elites
    • 4 Piece Talent – Stalker: Headshots mark the target, increasing damage dealt to that target by %15 for a total of 10 seconds.  Enemies can receive up to three marks total.

Daily and Weekly Assignments


In addition to the Incursion “Falcon Lost” (which we’ll cover in a bit), players can look forward to daily and weekly assignments that will reward you with highly sought after items like Division Tech and Phoenix Credits.  You can find these assignments on the right hand side of the map:


These assignments are split into Combat (kill X number of enemies), Crafting (make X number of items), and Dark Zone (which we really don’t know much about yet).  Daily assignments will reward a handful of items, while the weekly assignment will be an excellent source of income.


Dark Zone: Supply Drops

For those of you who love the Dark Zone, things just got a lot more interesting.  Once per hour in a random location, SHD Command will drop a crate of gear into the DZ that isn’t contaminated.  Once secured, players don’t need to extract this gear and can begin using it immediately.


It’s never that easy, however, as various enemies within the Dark Zone will come out and try to secure the loot for themselves.  This, added to the threat of other players looking to score some sweet loot, will definitely make Supply Drops a very dangerous but also rewarding activity.


Incursion: Falcon Lost


In The Division’s first Incursion “Falcon Lost”, Agents are tasked with locating a JTF team that was sent to investigate reports of the Last Man Battalion gathering in a Warrengate Water Treatment Facility.  Given how the LMB feel about things in general, this is absolutely the last place you want them gathering.



In addition to the new gear sets and high end weapons we’ll be chasing, a few new Named weapons will be available to us, and we can see them briefly in the trailer.  The Valkyria SMG and Warlord Assault Rifle will be in the game with this update, while the Historian Marksman Rifle will appear later, in Update 1.2.


This activity will require new strategy and more team synergy than ever before.  We also get new enemies in the form of Drones, pictured above.

Update 1.1: Incursions drops tomorrow, April 12th!