Paragon But Not Forgotten


In 2o16 Epic Games will bring us Paragon, a third person MOBA that is currently in its “Early Acess” phase. I acquired my access through the PlayStation Store for “free” with my PS Plus membership. I’m new to MOBA’s and I couldn’t ask for a better game to introduce me to the genre. Once you’ve downloaded the game you’re asked to create an account with Epic Games. After that there are a few “Play” options, I would suggest learning the game by playing the Player vs AI option. Paragon appears to offer a lot of gaming and so much more; Hero skins, daily and weekly rewards, community events and new Heroes every three weeks. This doesn’t even include the unique rewards you’ll find in The Starters Pack or The Founder’s Pack. Each Hero also has their own Master Challenge to conquer.

Paragon_20160709151925 A Model of Excellence.

Right now you might be asking…yourself…

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