Mega Man Legacy Collection


In 1987 Capcom developed and published the Action, Platformer Mega Man on the Nintendo Entertain System. And ever since then that dastardly evil Dr. Wily has evaded me. I can still hear his laughter echo in my nightmares. Those echoes are slowly fading as I recently discovered that the Mega Man Legacy Collection was released on the PS4 on August 25, 2015. Yes, I know, I’m almost a year late but when you’re diving head first into games like Destiny, The Division and Uncharted 4 you tend to be blind to everything else. I was able to pick up Mega Man through Mega Man 6 for the low-cost of $14.99. That’s six great classic games for the price of one below average Indie game.

Mega Man was the ultimate Action Platformer for me growing up. The sound track and sound effects still sounds as great as ever. The fun slow…

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