The Fall and Rise of TARF Gnams


Here at Galoots_Loot we pride ourselves in working outside our normal routines and today is such a day. Today we have our Adventure Sports Specialist TARF Gnams sharing a day in the life.

“TARF here. You might be wondering what kind of name is TARF. I would too if i were you but I’m not so I’m not. Cha! Anyways, I’d tell you but you would totally be jealous. Cha! again. Anyways I forgot my real name so I made it up. It means Totally Awesome Radical Froth. There you have it. Secret’s out. Shh, don’t tell anyone. I’m on a journey for water. For froth. For the ultimate rush. The Bodhizaffa is my hero but not his illegal stuff. I just love to shred the gnar. I’m on an epic journey to find the ocean but I’m trapped in the desert. So when I need that adrenaline rush I…

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