TARF GNAMS: Rides Against


Today we at Galoots_Loot are again graced with the presence; or presents depending on how you look at it, with TARF GNAMS and his wonderful adventures.

TARF here! Back at it again like acne after a weekend long binge of Tacos and Beer. That’s Tacos and Cervesa to my South of the Border friends. Tonight’s ride was like yours truly, short, sweet and filled with enough juice to make something magical happen. Cha! Anyways, I didn’t do much of a ride but the important thing was that I got out and I pedaled. Like that cute little delicious fish says, “Just keep pedaling!”

Rides“Thanks for the hat Rick Ranger Bob!”

I got in 9 miles tonight, most of it standing and powering through the first 3 miles of climb. When I got to the top and saw that it was good I took in a deep breath and let the…

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