NO MAN’S SKY: Thoughts Inspired


On August 9, 2016 HelloGames will introduce our World to a Universe of seemingly infinite Worlds and possibilities when they release No Man’s Sky. In fact the subtext on No Man’s Sky’s website is labeling the game as a Science-Fiction game set in a procedurally generated galaxy. This tag line makes me immediately think of Klei Entertainment’s Don’t Starve, a game in which you explore, fight, build/craft and most importantly survive. But I’m not here to discuss gameplay and mechanics. I’m not here to discuss No Man’s Sky’s graphics or how they remind me of the simple yet intimate designs and color palettes of both Ustwo’s Monument Valley and ThatGameCompany’s Journey. I’m not even here to discuss the story, whatever that may be. I haven’t looked into it because I want that to be a surprise. On August 9, 2016 we’ll embark on a hopefully epic journey “To boldly…

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