ABZU: The Beautiful Adventure


On August 2, 2016 I had the wonderful pleasure of downloading, playing and completing ABZU, the very first game developed by gaming studio Giant Squid. Giant Squid was founded by Flower and Journey Art Director Matt Nava  and he knocked this game out of the park. It’s beautiful and emotional  while telling a very simple story through exploration. ABZU is derived from two ancient words; the first being “ab” which is “ocean” and “zu” which is “to know.”

ABZÛ_20160802214737 Size doesn’t matter.

Several years ago I was out surfing. It was a day or two after a big storm blew through so the swell was huge. It had been several months, maybe even a year, since I had last surfed and I shouldn’t have been paddling out. But there I was battling the set waves trying to get out past the breakers. These waves were eight to twelve feet high…

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