Hue: A Palette of Colors


On August 30, 2016 the developer Fiddlesticks brought us the colorful puzzle platformer game titled Hue. The story in Hue is told as your progress through the game and solve puzzles of varying degrees of difficulty. Throughout the levels/puzzles you’ll find letters written to you by your Mum, she’s gone missing, possibly kidnapped by the mischievous Dr. Grey. And in order to get her back you’ll need to discover every color on your color wheel and solve every puzzle.


Immediately upon queueing up and playing I thought of the very old school classic hand-held game Mr. Game & Watch. Hue is reminiscent of Mr. Game & Watch in its simplicity and esthetic. The majority of the levels are black and grey and I believe this adds to the brightness of the colors when they appear, or when you are changing the colors to solve puzzles. There’s almost…

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