Aragami: Shadow Death Ninja Strike


I recently completed reading a four book series by author Lian Hearn called The Tale of Shikanoko. The Tale of Shikanoko was set in Japan some several hundred years ago and included Warriors, Emperors, Princes and Princesses and Tengu (Demon type creatures). I thoroughly enjoyed this series and the story it told. It was very descriptive and while reading I often felt like I was right there and then, living in the moment. So obviously when I was given the opportunity to review Aragami I jumped at it. I wanted to continue being in a Japanese themed world/story. On October 4, 216 I was given that chance when the Lince Works developed and Maximum Games published video game Aragami was released for the PS4, Windows, Mac OS, Xbox One and Linux.

Aragami tells the story of a village in the mountains that’s been taken over by warriors of light known as…

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