Earth’s Dawn: Review


Today, November 1, 2016 marks the release of Earth’s Dawn, a Sci-Fi Hack-and-Slash Side Scrolling RPG element filled amalgamation of a game. Earth’s Dawn is the developer Oneoreight’s first foray into the console gaming industry even though it was previously released in Japan under the title Earth Wars. In the not too distant future; 2020 to be exact, an alien life form referred to as E.B.E inhabit Earth. Immediately the E.B.E destroy all they can and the only way for the Humans to fight back is by equipping themselves with a bio-armor that is made from E.B.E technology. The soldiers that yield these suits of armor are referred to as A.N.T.I. Soldiers. If this sounds like a familiar story line you might have played God Eater: Resurrection. But where God Eater: Resurrection failed (my opinion) Earth’s Dawn seems to exceed and I can’t wait to share my thoughts…

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