Marvel: Future Fight – Mobile Spotlight

In today’s Mobile Spotlight, we’ll be taking a look at Netmarble’s Marvel: Future Fight.  This is an Action RPG set in the Marvel universe that draws pretty heavily from it’s varied cast of characters, and sees them pitted against both allies and foes.  But, with the mobile market being saturated with titles to choose from, what sets this app apart from the competition?

Fractured Reality

Most mobile games don’t put much emphasis on the story, but this one makes a pretty solid attempt.  Fractures are opening in space-time, and rips are opening into other dimensions.  Characters from alternate realities are invading, and it’s up to you to put a stop to it and fix things.  One of the great things here is that you are allowed to assemble your team from both heroes and villains, resulting in some pretty great team-up action.


Teams are composed of three characters, each with their own abilities, gear and passive bonuses.  Additionally, there are Team and Leadership bonuses; Team bonuses are activated by pairing specific characters (such as pairing Venom and Spiderman for the “Symbiote Shock” bonus), and there are a ton to mess around with.  Leadership bonuses are determined by two things: who’s leading your team, and what their specific bonus is.  You’ll need to level your characters up in order to activate their bonus, but it’s absolutely worth it.




The depth of the character system in this game is truly astounding and is worthy of the most complex RPG fan.  Each character has a personal level (1-60), a rating (1-6 stars), and a mastery level (1-6 red stars).  As you progress and gain more materials, you’re able to rank the character up and increase their mastery, granting new abilities to use in combat and new passive bonuses for your team.


Each character also has a set of things specific to them, including:

  • Gear Set: Your hero’s equipped gear, which you can increase in level by using items
  • ISO-8: These crystals can be equipped and grant passive bonuses to your character’s stats; these can also be ranked up by combining other ISO-8 of the same type.  Additionally, characters have ISO-8 set bonuses, where you gain a powerful ability for equipping ISO-8 of a certain type.
  • Skills: Each character ability can be ranked up once your character reaches a certain progression threshold.
  • Uniform: Offers an alternate appearance, but also increases the stats of the character.

Given the vast number of options you have available, customizing a team is a blast and you have essentially limitless options.  The end-game meta obviously sees certain characters rise above others, but you’re free to pick whatever character you’d like.

Pay to Win?

As with any mobile game, this app offers an in-game cash shop for quicker progression.  This will obviously give you an advantage in the game itself, as you’re able to rank up your heroes faster and more efficiently, while also providing them with better gear and abilities.


However, I’m not so quick to criticize a free-to-play game for doing this, since they have to make a profit somehow.  I found that by playing through the tutorial and the “Hero’s Journey” set of quests I was able to gain a ton of free items, including a free 6 star, fully mastered hero.  If you want to fully round out your team, however, you’ll either need to sink a lot of time into it, or simply pay some money and be on your way.  I feel like it isn’t necessary, but it’s a nice option to have.

Social Gaming

A large part of this game is it’s Alliance feature, where you join a guild of other players and work together towards goals and objectives.  Contribution points are earned for basically everything you do, and as your Alliance progresses you’re rewarded.  Your GM can set bonuses for top earners, and even give really nice gifts to those that stand out from the rest.  You’re also able to compete in an Alliance Battle, where your cumulative scores rank you against other Alliances.  This, coupled with the PVP system “Timeline Battles” should scratch the competitive itch of most players.

For fans of the Marvel universe and mobile RPGs in general I would absolutely recommend this game.  If you’re more of a DC kind of person, I also did a review of DC Legends, which you can check out.