PS4 Pro: Review, Impressions & Thoughts


On November 10, 2016 Christmas came early for me, PS4 Pro arrived. But unlike the young impatient kid on Christmas morning I once was I left the PS4 Pro in its box. I didn’t tear it open right away and cry awkwardly through my excitement. I didn’t immediately set it up and say goodbye to my “average” original PS4. In fact my PS4 Pro is still right here in front of me, on the kitchen table, tucked away all nice and cozy in its box. You might be thinking, “Why the hesitation?” My answer, I don’t know, maybe it’s a number of reasons. Maybe I’m too attached to my original PS4, we have a history together. Maybe I’m too lazy to transfer my games from one system to the other. Maybe I’m afraid the PS4 Pro is like that ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend that says they’ve changed but the only thing…

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