Paragon: On Dekk with Legacy vs. Monolith


On November 23, 2016 Thanksgiving came a day early for the Community of Paragon. Epic Games treated us to their most cranberry jammed, stuffing filled turkey of an article with their Monolith Update. On December 6th Agora as we know it will change forever. The bullet points for the Monolith Update are as follows:

  • Smaller Map
  • Faster action based gameplay
  • Every Hero gets updated

At first glance this looks and sounds amazing but if you were to glance through the comments on the forum posts you’ll see a community concerned and questioning the direction of Paragon. As I see it now Paragon is a slow crawl strategy based MOBA. I prefer and enjoy this pace immensely.

Back in Action?

Epic Games is promising “faster movement speed, ability and attack execution speed, and overall game lethality.” Last time I checked Paragon wasn’t titled Call of Duty: Advance Agora.


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