Paragon: On Dekk with Winterfest


With the Holiday Season just getting its show on the road there’s no time like the present; November 29, 2016 to be exact, to buy new outfits. You can’t show up to this years Winterfest wearing last years threads. If you do I’m sure a nearby Tower would destroy you. Epic Games will be giving away new Winterfest skins starting tomorrow through Youtube and Twitch. If you’ve been a bad boy or girl and Old Saint Rik turns you into amber don’t fret, you can buy them individually or in a bundle on December 13, 2016. Winterfest appears to run through January 9, 2017. And to think I was recently voicing concerns about some of the lesser played Heroes not getting the new skins treatment. I for one am hoping to get something as I had to purchase my skins bundle for Shadow’s Eve. Hopefully, this time around Epic Games is…

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