Paragon: On Dekk with Monolith


Last week Epic Games “treated” its Paragon community to its v34 Update to Monolith. This updated caused quite a stir with Paragon’s player base with thoughts on the forums ranging from “All hope for Paragon is gone and I won’t be returning” to ” WTF!”. I too expressed expletives as well as doubt and concern. I typically play support type Heroes like Dekker and Narbash, what can I do with a smaller faster map? Does this mean the Match Lobby will be stalled as everyone tries to pick Khaimera? I don’t want to play as Khaimera. Well, the news is in, and today Epic Games treated us to a brighter outlook for Monolith and the v.35 release. Where v.34 was vague and as basic as salt v.35 pulls a Countess Ultimate on you and sends you back to the core to rethink your entire strategy.

General Changes

V.35 is…

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