Paragon: On Dekk with the “Watch” Feature


I recently discovered the “Watch” feature built into Paragon. I understand that it’s been there for some time, probably the beginning but I never cared enough to notice. That is until two things happened: 1) I wanted to watch some replays of matches my friends and I played and 2) I was inspired by a Screen Shot Slide Show that was created by Foresaker. You can see the video here. Thanks for the inspiration Foresaker.

Paragon_20161130200358 Paragon_Gideon

Paragon_20161130195756 Paragon_Greystone vs. Khaimera

Paragon_20161130195725 Paragon_Khaimera’s death

Paragon_20161130200620 Paragon_Like the phoenix I rise.

Paragon_20161130200850 Paragon_Epic lane push: Belica, Gideon, Greystone vs. Iggy & Scorch and Grux

Paragon_20161130202303 Paragon_Belica, one shot

Paragon_20161130202220 Paragon_Belica vs Khaimera

Paragon_20161130202330 Paragon_Khaimera takes one to the skull

Paragon_20161130231230 Paragon_Battle for the Core

Paragon_20161130231332 Paragon_Dekker tries to hold off Kwang and Greystone

Paragon_20161130231357 Paragon_Dekker winding up.

Paragon_20161130231533 Paragon_Kwang takes a knee

Paragon_20161130231951 Paragon_Steel

Paragon_20161130232021 Paragon_From the Heavens

Paragon_20161130232201 Paragon_Shielding the Core

If you’re still here I would like to say “Thank you!” Thanks for taking…

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