The Last Guardian: Review


December 6, 2016 is a date that fans of the development team known as Team Ico (now known as genDESIGN) have been waiting for, for ten years. Team Ico brought us the heartfelt emotional games Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. These games were and are beautiful gaming gems that left their fan base wanting more, wanting another game. That game would become The Last Guardian. The Last Guardian initially began development in 2007 and was later announced at the 2009 E3 with a release date in 2011. Unfortunately the game suffered multiple delays. Delays that came in the form of Fumito Ueda (the games designer and director) and other Team Ico members departing Sony. As well as hardware difficulties which culminated in The Last Guardian moving to the PS4. Was it worth the way? Was it what we hoped for? Does is complete the holy triumvirate? Let’s find…

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