Paragon: Approaching Monolith


Originally I was going to make this article about the V.35 release for Paragon that came out on December 6, 2016. I had played all day and was upset about a few things that I had noticed in Monolith. My friends and I discussed the some of the changes, most of them we didn’t like but I won’t mention them here. We ended our night and discussion with high hopes and expressing that we would each give Monolith a solid few weeks of matches. And low and behold on December 7, 2016 Monolith felt a little more like Legacy. A little more balanced and a lot less glitchy. We returned once again on December 8, 2016 and Monolith again, felt more balanced. Monolith is not without it’s issues but we’re only 4 days in so I’m going to be patient and give Epic Games and Paragon more of my time…

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