2017 With a BANG!!!!


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Yes, I realize I’m twenty-three days into the new year but sometimes players need to take a break. I’ve relaxed on playing, reviewing and writing about video games since my NieR: Automata Demo review four weeks ago. It’s always a good idea to relax and focus your energies on you and your own well-being. I also started another blog over at Fictional Tendencies; sure, it’s about love and poems and other foofy stuff but what’s life without love? Go check it out and if you like it please “Follow” or not. But if you do, thank you. And now back to Galoot with video games.

2017 promises to start out with a bang, at least I think so. Sure, it’s been a relatively quiet 23 days but January 24, 2017 we’ll see the release of Resident Evil 7. For a full review you can check…

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