Here at GalootsLoot we pride ourselves in diversity. And while we understand that we’ve taken six weeks off we want to let you know that we still maintain our commitment to quality reviews and quality content. Today’s entry is the first entry in 2017 from our Adventurer Extraordinaire TARF GNAMS.

TARF here and I just want to say that 2017 is starting out in a great way. California is thirsty and that thirst is getting quenched. If you’re like me you like your playground nice and wet. CHA! It’s been a good year since I put the rubbers to mud. And since it’s been such a long time my body hurts. It’s the good hurt, you know like 50 Shades of Grey hurt. 

So I get out on the trail and immediately I’m met with some headies. Whoa, whoa lady it’s been awhile. Why don’t you lead me easy into…

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