For Honor: Beta Continued


This past weekend, February 9th through February 12th, Ubisoft granted all gamers access to their Valentine Day released game For Honor. I originally covered the Closed Beta and offered an in-depth look at For Honor Beta. This time around we were given access to a new multiplayer game mode, Death Match. Death Match is similar to the game mode Brawl except instead of 2 versus 2 action we have a power house 4 versus 4. I don’t consider this mode a 4 versus 4 because you start 1 versus 1 and if you survive you race over to your teammate to help beat up the opposing enemy. Ubisoft does a great job with the environments, level design and character design but I feel this mode is wasted space. Instead of starting 4 pairs of enemies on different locations of the map I would like to see the level…

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