Video Games, The March of


I know a good portion of the gaming world is excited for the release of Horizon Zero Dawn on February 28, 2017, I’m one of the excited. But let’s take a look into the not too distant future at video game releases during the month of March. My coverage will be limited to Horizon Zero Dawn (February 28, 2017) and Nier:Automata (March 7, 2017). Other games will be covered by my good friend Vox at Media by Vox. So let’s get down to it, here are the video games for March.

March 7, 2017: Lego Worlds

Coverage by Vox.

March 7, 2017: Nier:Automata

Coverage Galoot.

March 7, 2017: Ghost Recon Wildlands

Coverage by Vox.

March 21, 2017: Mass Effect Andromeda

Coverage by Vox.

I’l well aware that the Nintendo Switch will be released on March 3, 2017 and with it the latest entry in The Legend of Zelda games, The…

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