Nier Automata: Review


Are you a fan of androids, robots, Science Fiction, Anime and RPG’s? Did movies like Blade Runner, Castle in the Sky, Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, Akira and Ghost in the Shell catch your eye? Does Philosophy intrigue you? Do you enjoy the weird and unusual? On March 7, 2017 the video game that I believe answers all of these questions “Yes!” was released; And that game is Nier: Automata. I raved excitement in an article about the NieR: Automata Demo. And that excitement carried over to the full release of Nier: Automata. Platinum Games has delivered in a very big way here and I’m here to share how they’ve done it.

Into the Eye of the Story

Nier: Automata starts in a similar manner as the Demo but with a slight variation; where the Demo starts you alone as 2B (the main character), the full…

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