The Last of Us Part II


It’s been over 4 years since the outbreak brought us The Last of Us and here we are still playing Factions, the multiplayer mode for the game. What it is about this game that makes my friends and I continually want to return for the raw, brutal carnage of Factions? Is it the gritty-ness of the graphics? The chess like maneuvering you must execute while trying to out smart, out-wit and out play the opponent? Is it the close intimacy that only a shiv kill brings? Is it the personal appreciation and hatred of being kill by a shiv when you swear you just “listened” and no one way there? Is it the bonding one experiences when working together as a team? It is that great joy of feeling and thinking “I can do this” when the odds are stacked against you? The answer to these questions, and many unanswered…

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