School Girl Zombie Hunter


If blasting fast-paced drug augmented Seinfeld type Japanese Rock music while controlling (with old clunky style control mechanics) a young school girl as she kills zombies and saves her school is your thing than School Girl Zombie Hunter is for you. If it’s not and you’re looking for something called “Fan Service” there are better games out there than this (Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash). Sure, you can “customize” your character and put her solely in her underwear but where’s the fun in that? The fun in the fan service is when you step in front of your girlfriends cross fire and watch your clothes slowly shred away, or you can go to the Profile page and cycle through the School Girl’s pages while they’re dressed in their underwear. Doing this allows you to witness the classic “jiggle” but again other games do this better. Even though the game…

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