Goals for 2018

Fictional Tendencies

Almost a year ago I created Fictional Tendencies with an idea, a goal in mind to create, and to this day that goal remains very much the same. Looking back, I can honestly say that I set out with a vision in mind, now as times change,  my vision also changed. When 2017 started I had a dedication and drive to write, write and write. And I did just that. Sometimes, I would write when I didn’t feel like it. I forced my ideas or prose. Sometimes that paid off, other times, not so much.

As I reflected on my writing I noticed, at least from my biased perspective, that my writing improved. You can see (hopefully) changes in the rhythm in which my writing flows. At the beginning of 2017 I felt like I was more of a “telling” writer than a “showing” writer. I hope that this is…

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