Morning Ritual

Fictional Tendencies

Every Saturday morning I wake up with the intention of writing. I walk downstairs, turn on the coffee and then go into the garage to let the dogs out into the backyard. Of course I give them morning loves. I set my coffee mug onto the receiving port, place in a pod, click shut and press brew. While the coffee is brewing I open blinds and crack open the windows, letting in the cool morning air.

I sit down on the couch, enjoying the silence as the house and everyone in it (except me) sleeps. I turn on my laptop, log in and read previous writings. My coffee is done so I add a drop of creamer and then sit back down and stare at the screen. I slowly sip the hot coffee while staring endlessly at the screen of my laptop.

I’m still staring.

Still staring.

Sipping coffee.


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