In Honor of Black History Month

Fictional Tendencies

It’s been a week, almost two, since I last posted here at Fictional Tendencies, I was eager to return and create, write and share (as I have an image or two and some words). But something inside me told me to stop and learn something, use your words for purpose. So, being that its Black History Month, I googled “Famous Black Authors” and scrolled until a name stood out to me. I didn’t have to scroll for long as the name Jupiter Hammon instantly stood out.

Born in 1711 into slavery in  Lloyd Harbor, New York, Jupiter Hammon became the first African-American writer to be published in the present-day United States. He was a fervent Christian and while he wasn’t emancipated, he participated in Revolutionary War groups. At the age of seventy-six while addressing the Spartan Project of the African Society of New York City in his Address to the…

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