Fictional Tendencies


There’s an old shed out by the lake,
That’s where Mom used to stay.

Rocking back and forth
In her chair on the porch
Yelling at kids for not being careful,
Yet quietly smiling at their mischievous hearts.

She’d watch the lake swallow the Sun as it set,
And tuck herself in long after she’s confident that everyone else was in bed.

She’d wake up the Sun
And greet it “Good Morning!”

While settling into her chair on porch,
She’d wave us hello as we walked out into the day,
Then pretend to ignore us while she stared out over the lake.

She’d fall fast asleep in quiet reflection,
And graciously awake when I tucked her into her grandmother’s quilt.

I can still see her sleeping smile as I trace the maze of veins on her century built hands.

There’s an old shed out by the lake,
That’s where…

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