The daylight fades, the evening sets

You make your way, and never forget

to say hello, to all you see;

Your nightly journey, to come visit me.


The wind Is brisk, and far too cold

for one departed, before he was old.

This matters not, you think with a grin;

“Tonight he’ll see me, and let me come in.”


You remember the door, and the button next to it;

“Press button, see papa” remarks your quick wit.

You hear the noise, and there you wait;

I’m rarely on-time, but never too late.


Sometimes I come, and I peer outside;

though nothing I see, with eyes open wide.

Sometimes I wait, and I check again:

“Tonight, I’ll see him return to his den”


Alas, neither can see, try as they might.

Alone once again, to face the cold night.

They know one another are standing right there,

One remains unseen, but both are keenly aware.


Sometimes I’ll go for a walk shortly after,

Entertaining the idea with internal laughter.

“Thank you for waiting” I say to the air,

You respond in your way, with a loving stare.


We walk for a bit, together, in darkness

Realizing, together, that it is quite harmless.

Sometimes we sit, on the curb looking up;

Counting the stars, with my brave little pup.


You walk me home, right up to the door;

“I’m tired” you plead, “Home”, you implore.

I welcome you in, but you will not consent;

Your time is up, and your energy spent.


I say my goodbyes, by patting the air;

Looking the fool, but I really don’t care.

The air swishes softly, you’re wagging your tail,

Until the next night I see you, sleep tight, and farewell.