On Years and the Passage of Time

Some liken time to a river;
Swift and coursing, unrelenting in it's pace.
As mortals we are swept along, unaware
as the current takes it's toll upon us.

Others say time is circular;
We have our time, and time again,
and we'll be back someday,
trajectory leading us upwards and out.

And if we find ourselves
beholden to the clock,
Are we the hands?
Or are we the face?

The air is cool, and crisp, this time of year;
The moon is bright, the sky is clear.
Twinkling stars send messages;
Morse code for the soul.

I sometimes stare, and wait, and watch.
Searching for meaning that may never come,
Elucidation that may forever elude,
answers that may never come.

But my home is warm, and full of love.
A lifetime of memories live here, newly made each day.
The air falls silent, walls heave a heavy sigh;
"Come and sit", they say, "stay and rest a while".

The answers we seek may remain in the sky,
or be found buried deep, under wreckage and decay.
But the reasons why are here among us,
Simply put, they are you and I.